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Little Angels Preschool and Daycare
Little Angels Preschool and Daycare

How To Transition to Preschool in Ann Arbor

If you have a child who is the right age to start going to preschool in Ann Arbor, this transition can be difficult – not just for your child, but for you too! This is a big change for parents and children and, at Little Angels, we work hard to create an environment where every child feels nurtured and comfortable.
Before the first day of preschool in Ann Arbor, there are several things you can do to get your child ready (and prep yourself in the process!). 
  • Go over the schedule – prepare your son or daughter for what he or she will experience at daycare. Young kids might not understand a full day schedule, but you can tell them about the different scheduled activities that take place throughout the day. Childcare experts recommend you be as specific as possible!
  • Adjust to the new routine – Give your family a few days to get used to the new routine. This will likely mean a new sleep schedule for your child and for you, which can take some getting used to. 
  • Visit the center with your child – Do this at least once before you start the transition to daycare to get your child used to the different surroundings. Often, seeing a place beforehand will give your child a sense of security. 
On the first day of daycare, your child will probably feel different than when preschool in Ann Arbor was just an idea. Actually going to the center and getting dropped off can be hard for small children, and for parents! To help ease the stress of this big day, suggests:
  • Give everyone plenty of time to get ready – Waiting until the last minute to get going and then rushing through a routine will just make everyone more stressed.
  • Bring something from home with your child to daycare – a special memento (a photograph of the family, or a special toy) that your child can keep nearby can help your child feel more comfortable.
  • Help your child settle in – Arrive at the center early enough so you can stick around for a few minutes while your child gets settled. However, it’s important to not stick around for too long (experts suggest no longer than ten minutes) to make goodbyes harder. If you’re still feeling nervous, call the center to check in during the day!

Need More Tips On How To Transition to Preschool in Ann Arbor?

We want to make this time as easy as possible for you and your children! For more tips or to talk to some of our teachers about how we can help, contact us today! We’re happy to talk to you about any concerns you may have.