Little Angels Preschool and Daycare
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850 S. Hewitt Ypsilanti, Michigan 48197

Little Angels Preschool and Daycare
Little Angels Preschool and Daycare

Frequently Asked Questions

What are your hours?

Little Angels is open Monday through Friday 7AM until 6PM. We ask that parents pick up by 5:45PM, so it gives them time to speak to their child’s teacher and gather their things. A late fee of $1 per minute will be applied for every minute past 6PM that your child is here.

What ages do you accept?

We accept children 6 weeks to 5 years old. Our latchkey program will begin in Fall 2018. This program will be for Kindergarten through 5th Grade.

Do you require an application fee?

Many daycares and preschools require an application fee or an annual registration fee. We require a one-time, non-refundable registration fee of $125 to hold your child’s spot. This fee does not go towards tuition. For any additional children, the fee is $60. You must start within 1 month of paying your registration fee. Exceptions are made for those inquiring while still pregnant and plan on starting within 3 months of birth.

Do you offer transportation?

We do not offer transportation at Little Angels. Each family is responsible for arranging pick up and drop off.

Does my child have to come everyday? Do you offer half days?

We offer both parttime and fulltime schedules for all age groups. We require a minimum of 2 days per week, and they always must be the same days, as we do not accept fluctuating schedules. We only offer half-days for our 2.5 and year olds and up. You may bring your child half day in our infant and toddler program, but you will be charged for a full day.

Do you offer meals?

All tuition includes meals and snacks. You can find our current menu under the "Parents" section of our website!

Do you ever close?

We are closed on most major holidays. These are still paid days for you and our staff.

We also may close on hazardous driving days. The Center must meet the guidelines set by the Department of Human Services. If the Center is unable to meet required staff-to-child ratios, because the staff is unable to drive to work safely, or if most the staff is out ill, the Center will be forced to close. Little Angels is a part of the Detroit Media School Closings Alliance. When/If we are closed; it will be announced on the following media outlets: Fox 2, Local 4, Channel 7, CBS Detroit, CW 50, WWJ 950 News Radio, and News/Talk WJR. We DO NOT follow the public schools when determining whether we remain open on hazardous days. Please note, these days will also be paid by parents. 

Do you offer vacation days?

If you are a family that is contracted to attend Fulltime (Monday through Friday), you are eligible for 1 week (5 days) of unpaid vacation per calendar year. You must request this 2 weeks in advance on the Vacation Time Request Form in the office area and it must be used for 5 consecutive days within the same week. If you are using your vacation time for the week between Christmas and New Year’s, you must request this 4 weeks in advance.

If you are family contracted to attend parttime or half-days, you do not receive vacation time. However, if your child is sick or will be on vacation on days that he/she is scheduled to attend, you may request to switch days within the same week. These requests must be put in at least 2 weeks in advance and is subject to space and availability. We also require a $10 fee for each schedule change.

How do I schedule a tour?

Please give us a call Monday through Friday between the hours of 8AM and 5 PM and we will be happy to schedule a tour over the phone. We do tours by appointment only Tuesdays through Thursdays 10 AM – 11:30AM and 3 PM – 4:30PM. This is subject to the Director’s availability. We do not accommodate walk-in tours.

What curriculum do you use?

Here at Little Angels, we use an emergent curriculum. Emergent curriculum is a way of planning curriculum that is based on the children’s interest and passion at a certain point in time. Children thrive and learn best when their interests are captured. Learning occurs naturally. Rather than starting with the lesson plan which is repeated every year regardless of the age, developmental level or interests of the children, emergent curriculum starts with the children’s interest. In short, it is a child-directed and teacher facilitated approach to planning the curriculum. There is no knowing where the learning will end up but this openness makes the curriculum more exciting for both teachers and children. 

Does my child have to be potty trained?

We believe that children will let us know when they are ready to use the toilet. We do not force potty training on any child. Teachers, parents, and children will work together to formulate a potty training plan as the time arises. The only classroom children MUST be potty trained for is our Pre-K classroom. We are happy to work with “late bloomers” in our other preschool age groups.

What is your discipline policy?

At Little Angels, we use discipline as a teaching and learning tool rather than punishment. Classrooms have fair and simple rules. Acknowledgement of appropriate behavior leads children to learn cooperation and sharing, as well as self-control.

  • We believe if you keep children active and engaged, there will not be enough time for troubled behavior.
  • To avoid on-coming problems, we use Redirection. Redirection is guiding a child’s behavior by suggesting what he/she CAN do, instead of what he/she CANNOT do. For example, if the child is throwing blocks, the teacher will suggest that the child can throw blocks into a bin or give the child balls to throw, instead.
  • We do not use “time outs” in the traditional sense. Instead, if a child gets over-excited at an activity, teachers may have them ‘take a break’ from that activity and choose an alternative one, instead.
  • Conflict Resolution (Based on the HighScope Method)

o   Approach calmly (at children’s eye-level, kneeling or crouching), and stop any hurtful actions.

o   Acknowledge the child’s feelings (assist in labeling, if necessary)

o   Gather information

o   Restate the problem

o   Ask for ideas for solutions and choose one together

o   Be prepared to give follow-up support


What is your illness policy?

By law, a child who has a contagious disease must not attend the Center. If your child has been diagnosed as having a contagious disease or illness, please notify Little Angels immediately. PLEASE BE CONSIDERATE NOT ONLY OF THE HEALTH AND COMFORT OF YOUR CHILD, BUT ALSO THE HEALTH OF THE OTHER CHILDREN AT THE CENTER. Additionally, if your chid is too ill to go outside, he/she is too ill to be at school.

  •  Fever: If your child has a fever of over 100.5, they must be excluded from care. To return, your child must be fever-free, without medication, for at least 24 hours. If you take your child to the doctor and have received a doctor’s note stating they may return because their fever is due an ear infection or teething, it must be stated in the doctor’s note. These are the only cases that we will allow a child to return with a fever. If your child received vaccinations that may cause a fever, please bring in their immunization records. If your child is especially fussy and uncomfortable after vaccinations, you may consider keeping them home, as well.
  • Vomiting: One isolated case of vomiting is not-in-and–of-itself a reason to keep your child home, nor is it a reason your child would be sent home. If your child vomits twice in an hour, or is accompanied by other symptoms, they should be excluded from care. To return, they must be vomit-free for 24 hours.
  • Diarrhea: If your child has a runny stool more than twice per hour, they must be excluded from care. To return, they must be diarrhea-free for 24 hours. If your child requires a special diet for this time, please provide the appropriate foods.
  • Rash: If your child develops a rash while in our care, you will be asked to pick up your child. He/she may return with a doctor’s note stating what the rash is from. If your child comes to the Center with a rash, you must have a doctor’s note stating what it is.
  • Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease: Although doctors have differing opinions on when it is ok for a child to return to school, our policy is that ALL blisters or sores must be scabbed over and NO NEW blisters or sores appear for 24 hours. There also must not be any sores in the mouth to return.
  • Pink Eye: Should your child become infected with conjunctivitis (Pink Eye), he or she must be on medication for 24 hours before returning to the Center.
  • Ringworm: If your child has ringworm, it must be treated for 24 hours and be covered while at the Center until it is gone.
  • Lice: If your child shows evidence of head lice, you will be notified immediately, and we will ask you to pick up your child. We will inspect your child before admitting them back to the Center.
  • Colds and Ear Infections: These are not normally reasons to keep your child at home, but it should be noted that many times an ear infection or cold may be severe enough to make your child too uncomfortable for daycare. A day’s rest may be all they need to feel better.
  • Viruses: Children with measles, mumps, rubella, chicken pox, or other viruses should be kept at home until their doctor says they may be around other children.
  • Abnormal Behavior: If your child shows signs of lethargy, long periods of crying, irritability, and generally is not acting like their normal self; you may want to keep them at home. If you do bring them in and they require long periods of individualized care or seem to be extremely uncomfortable, they may be sent home.