Little Angels Preschool and Daycare
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850 S. Hewitt Ypsilanti, Michigan 48197

Little Angels Preschool and Daycare
Little Angels Preschool and Daycare

Little Angels Preschool & Daycare - About

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Little Angels Children rolling down the hill!

Our community is a place where children are respected as individuals and entrusted to use their voice about their learning experiences. Children have the opportunity to create, explore, and imagine experiences in diverse environments. Families have the support and resources to help guide the growth of the whole child. We respect and value individual, cultural, ethnic, and racial diversity and provide a program that is fun for children, to enhance their love of learning

Little Angels Preschool & Daycare (L.A.P.D.) was founded in 1994 as an in-home daycare. Then, in 2003, we expanded to a 56-child daycare center near State Street in Ann Arbor.  Our family continued to grow and we found a new home in September 2012 at 850 S. Hewitt Rd, Ypsilanti, Michigan 48197. We are now located behind Wendys and Tim Hortons in the 850 Hub Building, formerly the United Auto Workers (UAW) Child Family Center. 
We share the building with several other community programs.  However, safety is still our highest priority! The inner entrance to Little Angels Preschool & Daycare is locked at all times and parents/guardians are given a pass code to get through the reinforced, security door.  All visitors must show ID and be registered to enter.  Additionally, our building is zoned in such a way that all of the other businesses must adhere to specific guidelines because they are in such close proximity to a child care.
When you take a tour, we will show you the areas where all of your child's belongings, bottles, diapers, artwork, etc., will be located.  You will also see the detailed documents that we share with each parent. 
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Experience-Based Learning at Little Angels Preschool & Daycare


The Little Angels Philosophy

Individual Child First Approach

We believe each child learns and develops differently. Our approach is to look at their individual needs and tailor our learning activities to grow the whole child.

Advocate on behalf of Children

Our first job as caregivers is to be there for our students and ensure their safety and well-being. At times, we must be their voice, when they cannot speak for themselves.

Create Fun and A Little Weirdness

Learning happens best when we are having fun. Some people might think we are a little weird. Here at Little Angels, directors crawl around barking like dogs with the children and teachers sing clean up directions. If it puts a smile on their face and encourages involvement, we like to be silly.

Be Adventurous, Creative, and Open-Minded

The whole-child develops when children try new things, explore new ideas and are open to meeting new people. We also believe in risky play for children. Risky, or adventurous, play is beneficial to children’s development by helping them cope with stressful situations, learn how to follow-through, improve social interaction skills, increase creativity, assist in understanding their limitations, improved motor skills, and improve cognitive understanding of the environment.

Pursue Growth and Learning

We value the development of our staff and believe that it is important to provide them with the building blocks of success. We hold monthly workshops to give them hands-on tools and experiences. These can be seen in the classroom, where lesson plans are adapted to fit children’s needs in an age-appropriate manner, situations are handled with conflict-resolution planning, and room lay-out is thought through to provide a quality learning environment.

Build Open and Honest Relationships through Communication

Relationships are strongest when open and honest. The parent-teacher partnership is essential to how we work together to help the child grow.

Build a Positive Team and Family Spirit

We love our teachers. They are the heart and soul of our school. Staff are paid for closed holidays and receive paid vacation time.

Do More with Less

It’s important to not over stimulate ourselves. It’s also important to get in touch with the world around us, and use those teachable moments.

Be Passionate and Determined

Passion and determination make the world go round. It is our hope to instill quality characteristics in every life we touch.

Be Humble

                Kindness, respect, and manners are taught by example.


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Little Angel's having fun!
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