Little Angels Preschool and Daycare
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Little Angels Preschool and Daycare
Little Angels Preschool and Daycare

Choosing a Preschool in Ann Arbor

Are you trying to decide if sending your child to preschool in the fall is the right decision?
Do you worry that they’ll be missing out on opportunities to learn if they don’t go to school?
Are you asking the right questions to determine if your son or daughter is prepared to start going to school during the day?
If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions, you’re not alone! Many parents are faced with this tough decision. Not only is it difficult to decide if your child is mentally ready for preschool, but it can also be a challenge to discover if you and your child are emotionally ready for this big step.
At Little Angels Preschool & Daycare, we believe in promoting a healthy learning environment where children can use their imaginations, be creative, and learn not only basic academic skills, but important people skills, too!
Some other benefits of sending your child to preschool in Ann Arbor include: 
  • Developing a daily routine that will teach your child responsibility and provide stability during the day
  • Children will learn social skills that will provide them with a base to continue their growth as they go to kindergarten and grade school in the future
  • Your child will learn how to behave in a classroom setting and teach them basic skills they need for the rest of their life, such as working in a group, following directions, and following a schedule.
Little Angels Preschool & Daycare is the trusted and preferred preschool in Ann Arbor, and we would love to make your child part of the Little Angels family! To find out more about our facility and teaching philosophy, schedule a tour and meeting today. We love meeting new families!